Our founder: Ellie Lowther FRSA

About Ellie

Ellie brings her own unique style to the world of diversity and inclusion. Making a real difference wherever she delivers.

She has quite a CV in the area of inclusion and was invited by the RSA to become a fellow in 2021 for “furthering the understanding of inclusion around the UK. Ellie created the first trans specific “our house” project in the UK, Supported countless people along their journey and educated many thousands along the way.

She brings those values and her passion for inclusion to the world of business across many sectors, including Colleges, Prisons, Health care, public and private sector.Working across such a broad range of areas, she has valuable insight into trans inclusion within the workplace and wider society. Ellie was recognised for the work she does in 2019 as a National Diversity Awards finalist in the Positive Role Model category.


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Our mission

At Ellie Lowther Collective, our mission is to create a world that embraces intersectional inclusion.
We believe in the power of diversity and of being #FreeToBeMe, and strive to make a real difference wherever we go.

With our unique approach and extensive experience, we are dedicated to furthering the understanding of inclusion across the UK.
Join us in our mission to build a more inclusive society that benefits everyone.

Our vision

At Ellie Lowther Collective, our vision is to revolutionize the world of intersectional inclusion.
We are passionate about creating a society that embraces diversity and celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. 

“Any of us can be bullied or discriminated against, Until we are all free to be our authentic self, we shall never create the safe, more inclusive society that truly benefits everyone.”

Ellie Lowther FRSA 

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