Welcome to the Ellie Lowther Collective. It has taken many years to get here!

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        It takes time to recognise that although we live in such a diverse world, many aspects of it are still seen in black and white. The understanding of the importance of subjective truth brings the values of intersectional inclusion to the forefront of progressing the ultimate aims of a society that aspires to include us all.


         “Any of us can be bullied or discriminated against. Until we are all free to be our authentic self, we shall continue creating a safer and more inclusive society that truly benefits everyone.”

Ellie Lowther  FRSA

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Free To Be Me CIC

Reframing understanding and championing intersectional inclusion, one conversation at a time.

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Understanding the intersectional aspects allows us to offer authentic support and advocacy that gets the results that matter.


Ellie is respected in the UK for delivering engaging and educational Workshops and Awareness sessions that make a real difference.